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Tea Birds for your well-being!

Have you tried our range of healthy, speciality Tea Birds teas? Each one has a natural, active ingredient which defines the flavour and supports your well-being! Tea Birds will take you on a taste journey around the globe.


Chamomile Flower

Our pure Chamomile flowers… known for its calming properties the chamomile flower has been used by many to invite a good nights sleep. We have selected the finest Chamomile flowers for you, which means that you can make this ‘sunshine in a cuppa’ in the comfort of your own home.


Lemon & Ginger

Zingy lemon and warming ginger infusions. Known for their calming and purifying qualities, we have selected the finest ingredients to get the most from these invigorating and animated elements. Whilst lemon is known for its cleansing tones, ginger has been used by many to help settle and refresh. This fragrant tea is sure to satisfy all the senses.


Green Rooibos and Orange

We’ve made a rooibos with a difference. You’ll find a beautiful base of Green Rooibos infused with papaya flakes and safflower petals combined with hints of Tropicana and pineapple not to mention the subtle natural orange flavours added to draw all the flavours together. This tea smells just as good as it tastes making it a must have in your tea collection.


Welsh Breakfast

Pure Assam tea. This tea was one of the very first varieties and is still hugely popular today. A rich and smooth tea full of body and flavour, our Assam tea aims to continue the tradition in making this the perfect everyday tea (or is that everyday perfect for tea).


Mixed Berry

The berry family is well renowned for its refreshing and invigorating qualities. We have sourced the finest ingredients to bring you this taste sensation. There are currants, Hibiscus, apple pomace, apple, elderberries, rosehip, blackberry leaves and red rose petals and if that’s not enough (take a deep breath) we’ve infused a citrus with blueberry, raspberry, blackcurrant and redcurrant. This really is an infusion that sings of summer.


Earl Grey

Chinese and Indian large leaf tea infused with Bergamot oil. Popular since the early 19th Century, Earl Grey has been an afternoon favourite since its first arrival on our shores. These high quality leaves perfectly compliment the fragrant and aromatic bergamot oil making a truly authentic cup of Earl Grey


Moroccan Mint

Chinese Gunpowder and Peppermint leaf infusions. This Gunpowder infusion is a world apart from the everyday green tea you may see out and about. Its fresh and vibrant qualities perfectly infuse with the carefully selected peppermint leaves which give it a bright and refreshing quality. Perfect for after dinner, the peppermint leaf has been used for centuries to round off any indulgences.


Green Tea, Mango and Bergamot

Each Ingredient brings something unique to this infusion. The green tea is a vibrant tea which infuses perfectly with the delicate bergamot scent whilst at the same time allowing for the sweet hint of mango. But that’s not all, you will also find cornflower petals, sunflower petals as well as red rose petals making this infusion a truly exquisite blend.



100% Peppermint leaves. Naturally caffeine free, peppermint has been enjoyed after dinner for centuries. Our 100% whole peppermint is an invigorating and refreshing tea. The perfect tea to unravel your day.


Jasmine Green

It’s all about the Chinese Jasmine Green tea infusions! It is said that green tea detoxifies the drinker, our combination of pure green tea infused with the delicate and fragrant Jasmine flower enables you to fill your senses with the freshness of flavour found in the finest green leaves whilst having a scented undertone of Jasmine.


Green Tea

100% Green tea. It is said that green tea detoxifies the drinker and if you are serious about Green tea then this one is for you. Picked at the optimum time, these flowery broken orange pekoe leaves (FBOP) are semi-oxidised offering a fresh and crisp pure green tea (in fact it’s so good you could even use the bag twice).


Wellness Tea

Not technically in the Tea Birds range, but definitely worth a mention! Our Wellness Tea is a pure green tea combined with natural flora & unique Welsh Honey, to create a refreshing infusion that supports your well-being & the environment. This refreshing & invigorating blend combines the natural goodness of green tea (high in antioxidants) & real Welsh Honey (using 100% natural honey flakes), with hand-picked wildflowers (naturally high in health promoting polyphenols & salicylates), all scientifically developed to support your well-being.


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    I will swap if they are plastic free.