Welsh Brew Gold 80 Tea Bags

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Welsh Brew Brings you our finest tea yet. This blend of African teas really lives up to its name. Place one bag per person into a warmed teapot (or chalice!) Pour in freshly boiled water and leave to infuse for three to five minutes. Perfection.

There's Gold and there's Welsh Gold. This luxurious blend of rainforest alliance teas has been meticulously selected to offer a depth of colour and exceptionally smooth flavour that is unquestionable. It's the prefect reward and a pure indulgence to relish and enjoy.

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Weight 300 g

4 reviews for Welsh Brew Gold 80 Tea Bags

  1. thewelshshopper

    Wow! Love it.

  2. Jake Williams

    Welsh Brew Gold is the most tasty tea ever consumed by my fair pallet, I would go as far as saying Welsh Brew Gold tea is the most stimulating product ever to have privilege of being in my mouth. In fact the most stimulating entity in the entire universe. Welsh Brew Tea, should be classed as our new currency, forget bitcoin, Welsh Brew Tea is where it is at and I would fight you for it.

    PS, there are not enough stars for an adequate rating of this product.

  3. Brwcsi

    Couldn’t agree more with you Jake. Can’t believe my local Tesco store has stopped selling it and that I have to revert to buying online directly! Worth it though…

  4. Bart

    Best tea ever. Tried it when visiting Wales. Been drinking it ever since, even if it means ordering from overseas.

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