15 Wellness Tea Bags

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Green Tea with pure Welsh Honey, Blackberries and Wildflowers



Bee good to yourself… and the environment!

Pure green tea combined with natural flora & unique Welsh Honey, to create a refreshing infusion that supports your well-being & the environment.

This refreshing & invigorating blend combines the natural goodness of green tea (high in antioxidants) & real Welsh Honey (using 100% natural honey flakes), with hand-picked wildflowers (naturally high in health promoting polyphenols & salicylates), all scientifically developed to support your well-being.

All packaging is biodegradable including the tea bags. Everything about this product is 100% natural!

Green Tea (57%)
Liquorice Root (15%)
Honey Flakes (10%)
Dandelion Leaf (9%)
Meadowsweet (8%)
Blackberry Extract (1%)


A little bit about this collaboration…

By working with Pharmabees & Cardiff University we were able to create this unique wellness tea, where every ingredient has been looked at scientifically to identify specific health benefits. But, not only is it good for you, it also gives something back to the environment & the wider community…

Giving something back to the environment…

INCLUDING: Projects to create a Bee Friendly City, school partnerships to work with children across Wales to support pollinators & biodiversity, and also work contributing to the fight against antibiotic superbugs.

Plus… a percentage of profits from this product will go straight back into funding these projects.


About the Pharmabees project…

The award-winning Pharmabees project aims to develop a Manuka-style honey to treat antibiotic resistant hospital pathogens. Cutting edge research exploring how the pollination of certain plants could lead to the development of drugs to treat serious medical conditions now resistant to traditional antibiotics – otherwise known as ‘superbugs’.

Read more about the Pharmabees project


“Innovation in tea production, and the search for new ideas and tastes, led us to set up the company over twenty years ago, and is still its driving force today.”

“This project is a good example of the university working with Welsh industry to develop a product based on the natural bounty of Wales, supporting the wellbeing of the people of Wales.”

Alan Wenden: Managing Director and Founder of Welsh Brew Tea

Honey has been used for thousands of years to treat a range of conditions, including the common cold. Cardiff University, Welsh Brew Tea and Cardiff & Vale University Health Board have now joined forces to combine natural honey with the health boosting properties of tea. The bees producing the honey are part of Cardiff University’s Pharmabees project fora bee-friendly campus, which is helping the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences to develop a Manuka-style honey that can treat antibiotic resistant hospital pathogens.


“After water, tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world. In addition to making us feel good, tea is thought to help reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis and diabetes. In laboratory studies, tea has revealed its ability to kill hospital superbugs such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile.”

“Imagine the further benefits which could be obtained by combining tea with natural honey and medicinal plants. Honey has been used for thousands of years to treat a range of conditions, including the common cold.”

“Our partnership with Welsh Brew Tea is all part of our work to develop honey with similar bug-killing powers to that of New Zealand’s Manuka honey and its antibacterial properties, which are due to natural compounds donated by the plants on which the bees fed to make the honey.”

Professor Les Baillie: Professor of Microbiology, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Weight 150 g

4 reviews for 15 Wellness Tea Bags

  1. Jess Powell

    Really loved this tea! When I opened the box, the smell of flowers, berries & honey was amazing. And it’s a great idea too… glad to support any projects that support bees!

  2. Cath

    I absolutely love this tea. I’m always on the look out for products which will enhance my health and well-being. This tea is so easy to drink all the important flavours are there but in a very subtle way. I look forward to my cuppa late morning then re-use the same tea bag a couple more times during the day. Another important factor for me is that absolutely everything in this tea and it’s packaging is 100% natural.

  3. Rebecca Green

    The tea smells and tastes amazing. All the lovely bits of the countryside in one tea bag. Will buy again and again love it.

  4. Tessa Bartholomew

    Amazing tea especially for recovery after illness. I usually don’t like herbal tea but this is wonderful a d restorative too .

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