Welsh Brew Decaf 80 Tea Bags

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This finest blend of decaffeinated rainforest alliance tea gives you all the flavour of your favourite brew as well as keeping that golden colour. Whether you are living a caffeine free life or just after a soothing cuppa after a hard day this tea doesn’t disappoint. Place one bag into a warmed mug (or teapot!). Pour in freshly boiled water and leave to brew for three or four minutes. Job done.

Welsh Brew brings you our superior blend of decaffeinated tea. Rich colour; smooth flavour; decaf tea. This blend of rainforest alliance tea is blended from predominantly African teas and offers all the great taste of Welsh Brew without the caffeine. You'll find 80 bags of the finest decaf tea so that well deserved last cuppa won't keep you up all night.

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Weight 300 g

7 reviews for Welsh Brew Decaf 80 Tea Bags

  1. thewelshshopper

    Is this decaf the same blend as your Gold tea? We really love it.

  2. Mary C.Mathew

    I really love this tea even though I live in Somerset (but am Welsh) I have to drive to Newport Tescos to get this. I discovered it whilst doing the shopping for my Father who has since died so I have no need to go home anymore.

  3. Stephen Blum

    This is the best decaf I’ve ever tasted. Where’s the best place to get it or order it from on the west coast of the states?

  4. Routledge (verified owner)

    Love this decaf tea and would really like it as loose tea – I cut open the bags to use less in a teapot for single use (I like my tea weak).
    Discovered it in the Brecon National Park Cafe and have bought std and decaf teas, lovely.

  5. Lisa (verified owner)

    Most delicious and strong decaf tea of any on the market. Long Live Welsh Brew Decaf!! Thank you.

  6. Marie duQuesnay (verified owner)

    Really lovely rich flavoured tea. Definitely my favourite decaf, well done. I always have to get a couple big boxes of your regular tea when my family come to visit from England, and was wondering how I’d get some during lockdown, so I was really happy to find I could get it direct from you, and even happier to find you do a decaf. It should be in more shops. I’m going to make a point of asking for it wherever I go now!

  7. Helen

    This stuff is good!! I’ve been drinking decaffeinated tea a long while. I used to buy basic brands at home but never as nice as a tea you can get in expensive coffee shops. Got chatting to Welsh brew tea folk at the royal Welsh show, left with boxes of their decaffeinated and never looked back. Every cup of tea is a treat. My family think decaffeinated tea us compromising taste but not with this one for sure. Nice strong taste. Now when I go out the tea is not as good as at home. I recommend!!!!!!!!!

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