160 Welsh Brew Tea Bags

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160 round bags of our finest blend of African and Indian teas selected for their strength, colour and smoothness of flavour. This is our traditional blend of Kenyan and Assam tea, the one that you are most likely to have sampled at one of the shows or maybe at a friends house. The Kenyan tea gives it its lovely red colour whilst the Assam gives it a nice clean finish. A smooth tasting tea made even better by brewing in your favourite tea pot.

For best results place one bag per person into a warmed teapot. Pour in freshly boiled water and leave to brew for 3-4 minutes. Stir before pouring to maximise infusion. Store in a cool dry place away from any strong odours as tea is really good at absorbing other scents from around the kitchen.

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Weight 600 g

13 reviews for 160 Welsh Brew Tea Bags

  1. mollpoll

    What great Tea. I discovered it by accident & forgot where I bought it. Now I need more. I’ve ordered a 160 bag box along with an 80 bag box of your ‘Decaf’ tea. I’m so glad to have found it on line. Please let me know if I can buy it locally ie. Aldi, Lidl or any other supermarket. Thank you.

  2. Dewi

    Got to be the best tea bags you can get! I remember… in the 1980s… my gran had the strongest tea I had ever tasted. This is the only tea that comes close!

  3. kevin

    I am usually a coffee drinker , but when i came across these in my local supermarket i had to try them , since then i now switch between my coffee and these tea bags refreshing and no bitter after taste unlike some well branded tea bags

  4. Leslie Neish

    Best tea I have tasted in a long time recommended by a friend really enjoying my cuppa again smooth and taste like tea should not like the dust they put in others no tea dust in the bottom of cup .Delicious.

  5. Barbara (verified owner)

    I haven’t enjoyed tea for a number of years. That changed when about a year ago ago I spotted “Welsh Brew” in our local Tesco. Being Welsh I thought I ought to try it. Both my husband and I thought it was the best tea that we had tasted for a very long time. Unfortunately I now can’t get it locally in England so have resorted to buying it off the internet.

  6. Sian Waters (verified owner)

    Just the best tea out there. I’m in Portugal now and it’s my only request from friends and then I discovered ordering on line. Wooohooo!

  7. kevin.blackburn1 (verified owner)

    I like a full flavoured tea, that brews well without getting harsh – this is the best tea for every occasion. First came across it in Dolgellau, and now regularly get a delivery as I cannot be without it.

  8. Debbie (verified owner)

    Wonderful cuppa!
    I am a self confessed tea snob for my sins.
    Having tasted these at a Welsh hotel some years ago, had a complete epiphany.
    Exactly the right taste, perfectly blended.
    My daily Cwtch in a cup.

  9. Ruth

    Discovered your tea bags after a weeks holiday in the Brecon Beacons and a packet of 40 was in the cottage. I have not looked forward to my morning cuppa so much after tasting these! So glad I can get them online….

  10. Jill Pont

    I’m Swansea born but now living in Canada, I was home and walking 3 cliffs, there is a great tea house there at the end of my walk, I had my first cup of welsh brew! I couldn’t believe how good it was. Now my dilemma is I’m all out of tea, no family coming to visit ☹️ it’s looking like I’ll have to have it shipped! All other tea pales in comparison

  11. Mrs Patricia Sykes (verified owner)

    It’s the best tea ever so every time I visit Wales I stock up if not I will order some online.

  12. Zahida Smith

    Having tasted this at a farmhouse we stayed in at Wales, had a complete epiphany. And that’s saying something coming from Yorkshire.
    I cannot drink any other tea. The taste of Welsh tea is so divine, it makes my taste buds dance with yummy flavors.

  13. diane harper (verified owner)

    my daughter in law came to dinner on Sunday with my son and grand sons .on getting ready to go home later my son said i stole some of your t bags for chloe .his wife . i never new she drank tea .she said Aaron made me a cup of your tea and i have never tasted such a wonderful tea in my life .so i showed her what thay were as i have your tin with welsh brew on .but my caddy is blank so she could not see the name . and i always keep a stock in and gave her 80 bags . she said i will never drink any other tea again only welsh brew so there we go another bit the dust she is now converted over to welsh tea . i will order her a tin with tea bags in and wrap them up for an extra present for xmas. plus the welsh coffee. witch she dont now about HA .with thanks diane harper

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