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We have created a unique blend of African and Indian teas, specifically blended to perfectly complement Welsh water! Our tea is a traditional blend of Kenyan and Assam tea, the Kenyan tea gives it its lovely red colour whilst the Assam gives it a nice clean finish.



160 Welsh Brew Tea Bags

160 round bags of our finest blend of African and Indian teas selected for their strength, colour and smoothness of flavour.  For best results place one bag per person into a warmed teapot. Pour in freshly boiled water and leave to brew for 3-4 minutes. … Read More

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80 Welsh Brew Tea Bags

80 round bags of our finest blend of African and Indian teas selected for their strength, colour and smoothness of flavour. Welsh Brew teas traditional blend has been keeping our customers happy for over twenty five years and with all this tea making experience … Read More

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Welsh Brew Gold 80 Tea Bags

Welsh Brew Brings you our finest tea yet. This blend of African teas really lives up to its name. Place one bag per person into a warmed teapot (or chalice!) Pour in freshly boiled water and leave to infuse for … Read More

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Welsh Brew Decaf 80 Tea Bags

This finest blend of decaffeinated rainforest alliance tea gives you all the flavour of your favourite brew as well as keeping that golden colour. Whether you are living a caffeine free life or just after a soothing cuppa after a hard … Read More

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Welsh Brew Loose Leaf Tea



Why not try one of our Loose Leaf Teas… from the classic Earl Grey to the ever-popular Chamomile Flower. We have a nice range of spicy & fruity tea blends, from Moroccan Mint to Lemon & Ginger, or Indian Spiced Chai to Jasmine Green… and a few more!



Green Tea – Loose Leaf Tea

It is said that green tea detoxifies the drinker and if you are serious about Green tea then this one is for you. Picked at the optimum time, these flowery broken orange pekoe leaves (FBOP) are semi-oxidised offering a fresh … Read More

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Welsh Breakfast – Loose Leaf Tea

This tea was one of the very first varieties and is still hugely popular today. A rich and smooth tea full of body and flavour, our Assam tea aims to continue the tradition in making this the perfect everyday tea … Read More

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Earl Grey – Loose Leaf Tea

Popular since the early 19th Century, Earl Grey has been an afternoon favourite since its first arrival on our shores. These high quality leaves perfectly compliment the fragrant and aromatic bergamot oil making a truly authentic cup of Earl Grey … Read More

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Chamomile Flower – Loose Leaf Tea

Known for its calming properties the chamomile flower has been used by many to invite a good nights sleep. We have selected the finest Chamomile flowers for you, which means that you can make this ‘sunshine in a cuppa’ in … Read More

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Delicious Welsh Tea and Hot Chocolate!

5.0 rating

Stayed in King Arthur Hotel, I took my own tea bags and cadburys hot chocolate like I always do, but on their complementary try there was Welsh brew tea and Hot chocolate both were really lovely, I’ve already put an order in for the both.

Mrs Davies

Most tasty tea ever consumed!

5.0 rating

Welsh Brew Gold is the most tasty tea ever consumed by my fair pallet, I would go as far as saying Welsh Brew Gold tea is the most stimulating product ever to have privilege of being in my mouth. In fact the most stimulating entity in the entire universe. Welsh Brew Tea, should be classed as our new currency, forget bitcoin, Welsh Brew Tea is where it is at and I would fight you for it. PS, there are not enough stars for an adequate rating of this product.

Jake Williams

Very nice cuppa

5.0 rating

We were guests at James and Emily’s wedding at Craig Y Nos castle, the day Wales beat England at Rugby in Cardiff 21-13. After a fabulous Wedding day and evening, we woke in the morning for breakfast. Welsh Tea was on offer, although having lived in Wales all my life this was the first time I have sampled this tea, what a very nice cuppa it was. Off to Tesco and bought some, we have now converted to this lovely brew.

Colin Evans

What great tea!

5.0 rating

What great Tea. I discovered it by accident & forgot where I bought it. Now I need more. I’ve ordered a 160 bag box along with an 80 bag box of your ‘Decaf’ tea. I’m so glad to have found it on line. Please let me know if I can buy it locally ie. Aldi, Lidl or any other supermarket. Thank you.

Moll Poll

Most impressed!

5.0 rating

Bought my first pack at Aldi in Honiton England. First impressions are “What a tasty cup of tea”. Most impressed!

Tim Pilling


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Welsh Brew is an iconic Welsh brand, creating a unique blend of African and Indian teas, specifically blended to perfectly complement Welsh water. We’re a family owned company, established in 1993, located on the beautiful Gower peninsula in Mumbles, South Wales…


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