A Gesture in a Tea Cup

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Painting by Heather Littlejohns : Facebook : Instagram

Who are you missing the most?

Send a friend this beautiful Ltd edition print by local Welsh artist AND raise £5 for Hafan Cymru who support those living with domestic abuse. They’ll also receive a sample of Welsh Brew Tea! Spread a little positiviTEA during #mentalhealthawarenessweek

The friend or friends of your choice will receive this original Ltd edition print (pictured above) & a sample of Welsh Brew Tea. The full £5 donated goes directly to Hafan Cymru who work not only to support those effected by domestic abuse, but also provide mental health support for men and women all across Wales.

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How are you?

These are unique and unprecedented times aren’t they? Life has ground to a temporary halt. The government has placed restrictions on our movements. The global COVID 19 pandemic has meant that many of us are either working from home, or furloughed. We hold key workers from across all sectors in the highest esteem for keeping the country as open and functioning as it can be, and for caring for those who are ill or most vulnerable at the moment.

And so the question “how are you?” is now asked with far more thought and heart behind it than it might have been asked before the pandemic. We are genuinely concerned about how the people that we know and care about are doing. Are they feeling physically well? Are they managing to get their food and basic shopping needs met? Are they coping during lockdown or are they struggling with their mental health, feeling isolated or lonely? One thing which I think we can all agree on is that no matter how well or not we are coping with lock down, we are all missing friends and family who we are unable to see and hug at the moment.

It was from this aspect that my wife and I came up with an idea. We wanted to be able to do something that could make a bit of a difference in the current climate…

  • My mother in law, Heather, is an artist
  • My wife Hannah works for a domestic abuse organisation
  • We have a tea company

Heather painted a beautiful painting of a tea cup on Sunday and posted it on her Facebook page. People loved it. She said we could have the painting to frame, but we saw potential to do something better with it.

You may have seen in the news that incidences of domestic abuse have sky rocketed since lockdown was imposed. Imagine being in lock down with your abuser. You are not safe in your own home. Schools are closed, and so more children are witnessing the domestic abuse than they might have otherwise been.

Everyone is missing someone during lockdown.

We thought it would be wonderful for people to be able to send someone who they’re missing a postcard of Heather’s painting to surprise their chosen person to let them know that they’re thinking of them and missing them. The £5 paid for this would go directly to Hafan Cymru who Hannah works for.

Hafan Cymru is a charitable housing association that provides accommodation and support to women, men, their children and young people across Wales. They offer a holistic approach to the provision of support for women, men and families with a wide range of needs – including those who are homeless, have experienced domestic abuse (including physical, sexual or psychological abuse); are recovering their mental health, individuals with substance misuse issues and ex-offenders. They aim to ensure their clients can maintain themselves in an independent home within the community.

Also, it is mental health awareness week this week, and the theme for this year is ‘kindness’. We think this is the perfect way to spread a little kindness and positivity to the ones who you are missing, while also helping to raise valuable funds for Hafan Cymru. We hope you agree!

So please, consider spending the £5 that you might have spent going for a coffee with friends on a Saturday morning if there wasn’t lock down, on sending those friends your love and a promise of a catch up and a cuppa together again soon. The full £5 will go directly to Hafan Cymru. They are paying for the postage for the postcards out of their marketing budget and so you can be sure that your £5 is going to exactly where it can make the most difference.

For more information on Hafan Cymru, please head to their website to read about them and how monies from this campaign will be used by clicking here. Additionally, if you, or anyone you know, are experiencing domestic abuse, please call the Live Fear Free helpline for help and advice on 0808 80 10 800.

On that note, please stay safe. We wish you all the very best and look forward to life returning to normal for us all again as soon as it’s safely possible. See you then for a catch up and a cuppa.



About Hafan Cymru


Hafan Cymru operates housing related support contracts across Wales and have a wealth of experience in delivering Supporting People outcomes. Our support helps a diverse range of clients reach their goals and achieve independence. Over our 30 years in operation, we have offered generic services suitable for all vulnerable people, as well projects with specific lead needs including vulnerable families, domestic abuse (for both men and women), mental health issues, ex-offenders, young people’s and vulnerable women and children.

We promote and encourage independence by supporting individuals to manage accommodation, managing relationships and feel part of the local community.

We meet support needs in relation to reducing any future risk of homelessness by enabling people to understand their rights and obligations and improve their abilities and confidence to maintain their home independently. We also meet support needs that relate to developing sustained relationships with family, support networks, neighbours and professionals, ensuring that individuals at risk of reverting to chaotic lifestyles or behaviours receive support that helps them sustain stability and build resilience.

Our aim is to enable the individual to move on and live independently within the community. We try wherever possible to provide a smooth transition into independence, ensuring they are supported pre and post contract exit. READ MORE


Our Pledge:

We believe that all individuals, couples and families who require accommodation and support to live well, should experience a service that we would be happy for our own families and friends to access and receive.


Our Mission:

To ‘build opportunities for people to live well’ through re-gaining their independence, and self-worth through feeling safe, personally developing and connecting with their communities.


100 gair

Cymdeithas dai elusennol yw Hafan Cymru sy’n cynnig tai â chymorth i menywod, ddynion, eu plant a phobl ifanc ledled Cymru. Rydym yn cynnig dull holistaidd o ddarparu cymorth i fenywod, dynion a theuluoedd sydd ag ystod eang o anghenion – gan gynnwys y rheiny sy’n ddigartref, unigolion sydd wedi profi camdriniaeth ddomestig (gan gynnwys camdriniaeth gorfforol, rhywiol neu seicolegol); unigolion sy’n gwella o’u problemau iechyd meddwl, unigolion sydd â phroblemau o ran camddefnyddio sylweddau, a chyn-droseddwyr. Ein nod yw sicrhau y gall ein cleientiaid gynnal eu hunain mewn cartref annibynnol yn y gymuned.


Terms & Conditions

  1. Ltd Edition print only available for sending and open to UK residents. You are able to donate and send from outside the UK providing the recipient lives or has a postal address in the the UK
  2. You can donate and send a Limited Edition print to as many people as you wish. Each donation will be £5 and will result in one print being sent per £5 donated.
  3. Donations can be done following the link on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds or directly from www.welshbrewtea.co.uk
  4. All funds donated will go directly to HafanCymru and will at no point be held by Adwell Foods ltd / Welsh Brew Tea.
  5. The £5 donation will result in the person or persons of your choice receiving a Limited Edition postcard print by Welsh Artist Heather Littlejohns via Royal Mail along with a free sample of two Welsh Brew Tea bags and a 20% coupon for redeeming at www.welshbrewtea.co.uk
  6. Please allow up to 28 days from receipt of your donation until the nominated person receives their print (due to current Covid issues the postal system is potentially slower than usual).
  7. Print is not for reproduction once received.
  8. There is no alternative gift available for the £5 donation to Hafan Cymru.
  9. The artist Heather Littlejohns and Welsh Brew Tea hold all copyright on the print.
  10. All request for prints from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the Welsh Brew Tea website will be dispatched from and by Welsh Brew Tea.
  11. Donations will be acknowledged once received.
  12. The promoter’s decision is final. No cash alternative is available. By donating the person who donates may be contacted to participate in any promotional activity related to the fund raiser on any given digital platform.
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  14. Promoter: Adwell Foods ltd, Welsh Brew Tea, Whitecliff house, Higherlane, Langland, Swansea. SA3 4PD
  15. By donating and completing the form above you agree for Welsh Brew Tea and Hafan Cymru to share the information and personal data you have provided for the sole purpose of confirming and fulfilling your tea gift order.



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  1. Carole D

    What a great idea! Glad to donate & looking forward to my friend getting the postcard! Thank you X

  2. Jacqui

    Thank you. Best idea I have seen and delighted to donate and bring a smile to a friend.