125g Loose Leaf Welsh Brew Tea

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125g of our finest blend of loose leaf teas selected for their strength, colour and smoothness of flavour. This is our traditional blend of Kenyan and Assam tea. The Kenyan tea gives it its lovely red colour whilst the Assam gives it a nice clean finish. A smooth tasting tea made even better by brewing the leaves in your favourite tea pot.

For best results place one spoonful per person into a warmed teapot. Pour in freshly boiled water and leave to brew for 3-4 minutes.

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2 reviews for 125g Loose Leaf Welsh Brew Tea

  1. hkn678 (verified owner)

    I have my tea without milk and sugar and I love this tea because it is so smooth to drink. The whole cup of tea remains smooth to the end of the cup. I do use a tea infuser so I haven’t yet tried it as a longer brew with loose tea in the pot, but I can’t imagine it will lose its smooth taste.

  2. Tina Giblett

    I bought a tin of this tea on holiday,as I have been drinking the same brand of tea for over ten years, I was delighted to find a leaf tea that I really liked. I am hoping it won’t be to difficult to buy a small box, the small tins are ok though.

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