Are there Microplastics in our Tea Bags?

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There has been a recent study which reveals that, in some premium tea bags, billions of microplastics can be shed by the tea bag during a brew. We all know how bad these microplastics are, if they get into the sea. The World Health Organization say that these microplastics don’t pose a health risk to humans, but the research is in the early days, and it is still unclear how bad the problem is.

Most tea bags are made from paper, using a small amount of plastic to seal the edges. But a number of premium tea bags, often the pyramid shape, use a lot more plastic to keep the integrity of shape, to help the tea leaves mingle & create a better brew.

But researchers found that these premium tea bags release over 10 billion microplastics into the water. These microplastics are invisible to the naked eye, but pose a problem for marine life when they eventually get into the sea.

At Welsh Brew Tea, we take environmental issues seriously & we are working with our suppliers to minimise all use of plastics, in our packaging & our tea bags.

But to reduce any chance of generating microplastics, why not try some loose leaf tea? We think that using loose leaf tea also creates a stronger, more tasty cuppa too! We have our Original Welsh Brew loose leaf tea, or a range of premium tea blends, including Earl Grey, Moroccan Mint, Jasmine Green or Chamomile Flower… plus a few more loose leaf tea blends.

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