500g Welsh Brew 100% Arabica Beans




Our very popular 100% Arabica blend of mainly Columbian and other Central American coffees. Mild yet full flavoured with the characteristic nutty Columbian taste. A great choice if you want a smoother, mellower more sophisticated style of coffee. Being made of pure Arabica beans, it doesn’t contain quite as much caffeine as blends with Robusta.

The roasting process: all our coffees are roasted in a Brazilian Lilla 125 kilo roasting machine which is designed to produce batch after batch of very consistently roasted coffee. Each batch takes about 12 minutes to roast, at temperatures around 200 degrees C,  and the beans are then cooled by air for several minutes before packing.

Here at Murroughs Welsh Brew we’ve used our extensive knowledge and experience to bring you our 100% Arabica high grown coffee sourced from the finest central American beans.

These High grown Arabica beans are roasted to optimise their full aroma and fine character. A light and fruity acidity soothes the slightly nutty flavour. Here you'll find 500g of freshly roasted beans ready for you to grind.

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Weight 600 g


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