1 x 250 Freeze Dried Welsh Brew Decaf Coffee Sachets



250 sachets of bilingually packaged decaf coffee sachets. These freeze dried decaf coffee sachets are ideal for the hotel or B&B bedroom for the guest who wants all the flavour of a quality freeze dried coffee with out the caffeine. Like all our products these sachets are in both Welsh and English and offer the highest quality so you can rest assured your guests will be left feeling fully satisfied.They were introduced last year after popular demand to sit with our range of envelope teas, coffee and hot chocolate sachets for those who are fond of a great nights sleep.


Paned Gymreig Coffi. Pour on hot water and add milk and sugar to taste.

250 freeze dried sachets of our Welsh Brew decaffeiated coffee/Paned Gymreig Coffi digaffein. These bilingual sachets have all the great coffee taste without the caffeine hit.

Ideal to put in any hotel or B&B bedroom, or keep close at hand when you need to unwind and think of the rolling Welsh hills.


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